Alberta’s Curriculum Redesign: Impact On My Practice

Over the last year I have been involved in several conversations and meetings about Alberta’s curriculum redesign as my school district has been involved as a curriculum prototyping partner with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).  CBE’s Curriculum Synthesis team has planned and lead local district conversations, webinars, Twitter chats and several regional meetings over the last year, all which I have been apart of.

As the political landscape in our province changes once again with a new Premier and with that what looks like a new direction, many are pondering the question will Alberta’s Curriculum Redesign go through?  I recently considered this question for my class EDEL 561-The Process of Curriculum Development through an IGNITE presentation.  In it I share general information about Alberta’s curriculum redesign and how it impacts my practice.

What are your thoughts on Alberta’s curriculum redesign?


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