Chrome: The Bees Knees

If you haven’t started using Chrome as your default browser you need to consider it.  There are so many benefits to using Chrome over the other options out there, especially if you are using Google Apps for Education.  To use Chrome to its full potential you need to sign into the browser when you are using it.

Google Works Best with Google
When using Google apps like Drive, Gmail or Calendar on your computer it works best to open them in Google Chrome because they are made to work together.  I have noticed when trying to use Drive in Firefox you cannot not do certain things.  For example, when trying to upload documents you can upload entire folders in Chrome but not in Firefox or Safari.

Sync Tabs and History Across Devices
This is so handy!  I use the Chrome Browser on my Macbook, Chromebook, iPad and iPhone.  When I view pages on my Macbook in Chrome, I can switch to my phone and simply pick up where I left off on from the Mac, by opening up my history.

Customize Your Browser by Adding Apps and Extensions
By logging into the Chrome Browser you can add apps and extensions to customize how Chrome works.  There is SnagIt, an app and extension, which allows you to screen capture still photos or videos and save them directly to your Google Drive. URL shortner lets you easily create a shortened URL or QR code for websites.  The Read & Write for Google app and extension have excellent accessibility features like text to speech, that can be used while browsing the web or working in Google Drive.  In Google Docs, you have the option of text to speech, to read text aloud and voice input or word prediction to write.  Those are just a few of my favourite apps and extensions but there are many more you can explore.

See more of my favourite apps & extensions in my Chrome Slide.  You can also find more Chrome resources on my Chrome resources page on


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