Vision of My Future Classroom

This summer I took a class on Integration of Emerging Technologies.  For our final project, “Vision of the Future”, I reflected on the things I have been learning this past year and what I would want my classroom to look like in the future.  I have been eager to learn all I can about how I can create a more student centred learning experience for  my students.  I have been fortunate to attend  extra professional development, attend Edcamps and start a Masters program in Educational Technology and have been thinking a lot about how different my practice will be, when I enter a classroom once again.  Below is a ThingLink I created to show the vision I have of my future classroom.  Click the link to see the interactive features of the ThinkLink. It does not work fully when embedded to WordPress.

Click the image to see my ThingLink

2 thoughts on “Vision of My Future Classroom

  1. This is amazing! I love how you have taken design to heart & incorporated technology to share.

    I think the space in which we learn every day is critical… more so than the texts, resources, technology, & activities combined.

    I hope you won’t mind if I replicate a few ideas… ‘borrowing’ is a form of flattery in many cultures;)

    I am in the midst of re-imagining library spaces… this is something we could totally make happen!

    Keep me posted… let’s connect. I am excited for this new year to start when I see your vision.

    Happy New Year!


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