Reflecting on the Vision of my Future Classroom

As a final capping presentation, I was required to reflect on any past project from any of the courses throughout my Masters of Education in Educational Technology program. I have been thinking about which project I would reflect on for a while.  I knew right away it would be the Vision of my Future Classroom assignment from EDEL 545 Integration of Emerging Technologies. The driving question for that assignment was, what is my in a perfect world, dream big vision of my future classroom? I love this question and think about it often. Why not dream big? As Ruth Sutton reminded me earlier this year, at the Alberta Assessment Consortium Conference, do not get bogged down from the things that you as a teachers cannot control like policy and curriculum, but instead focus on the things you do have control over. As teachers we do have control over what happens day to day in our classes. We create the classroom environment and set the vision.

Here are my reflections on that original assignment:

When was the last time you asked yourself the question, what is the Vision of my Future Classroom?  Perhaps you have not considered this question since your undergrad. I know I had not thought about it until given this assignment last year. I had become complacent in my teaching and had not been reflecting on my teaching practice. There are many reasons why I had not been questioning my practice. Perhaps it was that I was just too busy trying to survive the day to day demands of a teacher. If you are a teacher you know what I am referring too! Or maybe it is that questioning your practice is not an easy thing to do. Some may see questioning your practice as implying that you are currently doing something wrong. As teachers we are often made to feel that we should have all the right answers, all the time. This is just not possible. Like my students, I am not perfect and I am always learning. Even though my Masters program is complete, I will continue to learn, reflect and grow. After all, it is what I ask my students to do all the time!

So again I ask you, what is the vision of your future classroom?


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