Twitter Reignited My Passion


I signed up for my first Twitter account a few years ago.  After signing up, I just could not get into it.  Who cares what celebrities are doing anyway?  I remember thinking Twitter was nothing more than a status update like on Facebook…pointless.

Last year, I attended a session at  the North Central Teachers Convention on digital citizenship with George Couros.  The session was not even focused on Twitter for PD but rather Digital Citizenship.   During the session, he asked who was using their Twitter account and connecting with other educators.  I was not using my account but it piqued my interest.  Later on that week, I signed onto my account and began to follow other educators.  I began reading their blog posts.  Blog posts, like Joe Bower’s, made me question and reflect on my own practice like never before.  I was addicted to reading posts and articles whenever I had the chance.  I became excited to learn again.  Through Twitter I can tap into the knowledge of educators from around the world who have the same interests as me.  I learn on my time and I choose the topic.  This works for me!

I have connected with educators via Twitter chats and edcamps, debating and discussing education in my down time.  Last year, when the opportunity came up to apply for the CLT in our division, my experiences on Twitter were part of what motivated me to apply for this position.  Now I am thinking about taking my Masters in Edtech.    If you would have asked me any time before if I would take my Masters I would have said no way.  That thought had never entered my head.  All these things would have not occurred had I not been on Twitter.

So thank you Twitter for connecting me with all the educators on Twitter who share their insights and outside of the traditional box views.  You have ignited my passion for my profession once again!


One thought on “Twitter Reignited My Passion

  1. Love you post Christine. A great reflection on the power of Twitter. I agree. My journey began at a session let by Todd Whitaker when he suggested that if we were to do only one thing for ourselves in terms of PD for the year it should be Twitter. While I am certainly not as active a Twitter user as you are … you know an old dog learning a new trick, Twitter has added to my practice and challenged my thinking. I am fortunate to follow and be enriched by world class educators. I am thrilled to be apart of the School Administrators Virtual Mentorship Program #SAVMP led by Alberta’s own George Couros.

    Now that we have convinced each other of the power of Twitter, it up to us to spread the word and “wealth” so to speak. As you know this is even more important in the rural division that we teach in as traditional PD isn’t as easily accessed. Personally, beginning next week, I am going to begin to “feed” my staff with at least 5 links found on Twitter via my weekly staff bulletin. Perhaps I will convince a few to consider Twitter?? Nope not an original idea … you guessed …picked up on Twitter via #SAVMP.

    Well done Christine! You go girl!!


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